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July-August Cover


Army Log Summit 2000: Logistics in the Army's TransformationStaff Feature

Improving the Joint Deployment ProcessCommander Robert C. Bronson, USN

Automated Battlebook System: Leveraging Technology for Force ProjectionColonel Jerome Johnson

What Do You Know About APS-3?—Dr. Derek Povah

Institutionalizing Contractor Support on the Battlefield—Joe A. Fortner

Supporting the National Training Center—Major William C. Latham, Jr.

Keeping DCSLOG Forms Up to Date—Gregory T. Tuttle

Planning for a Successful Theater Support CommandColonel George William Wells, Jr., USAR

Alternatives to the Soldier Canteen—Major James E. Gibson

The Deployment Imperative—Peter J. Higgins

Multifunctional Communication on the Future BattlefieldCaptain Steven T. Wall

East TimorSpecial Section

Contingency Contracting in East TimorBrigadier General Philip M. Mattox and Lieutenant Colonel William A. Guinn

"Where the Streets Have No Name"—Joseph Bonfiglio

A LOGCAP Success in East Timor—James Folk and Lieutenant Colonel Andy Smith, USAR

Aviation Support to East Timor—Captain Steven J. Keller

Logistics and the Defeat of Gentleman Johnny—Major John A. Tokar


The Logistics Corps—Major Gerhard Schröter

Effects of MOOTW on CSS UnitsLieutenant Colonel Christopher R. Paparone

Bring Back the Troop Ships—Kevin P. Burns