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A Letter From Major General James L. Hodge
The Army Profession of Arms Campaign: A Year of Dialog After a Decade of Conflict
Preparing the Iraqi Federal Police Sustainment Brigade for the Future—Major Henry S. Groulx
Telemaintenance: Transferring Knowledge to the Field—Colonel (Ret.) Erich Pokorny, German Army
Training a Combat Sustainment Support Battalion—Dr. John M. Menter
The 377th Theater Sustainment Command Deployment/ Redeployment Coordination Cell in Haiti—Lieutenant Colonel Michael J. Perez
Sustainment SRM: Why the Army Is Uniquely Positioned to Benefit—James D. McIntosh and Jonathan Selter
Testing the Capabilities of the HEMTT Wrecker—First Lieutenant Jeffrey Teplis
Terrain Analysis for Non-Engineers—Major Damien A. Green
Army Soldier Enhancement Program—Thomas B. House II and Raymond E. Strunk
A Battalion in Italy Supports Humanitarian Disaster Relief Around the World—Captain Michael Kistler, USAR, Fred Wittmer, and Jennifer King
Medical Logistics at the Salang Pass Avalanche—Captain Jerry D. VanVactor, Captain Jason Donovant, USAF, and First Lieutenant Michael Dinh-Truong, USAR
OMMS Advanced Rifle Marksmanship Training—Captain Matthew C. Miller
Sustainment Technologies for BCT Modernization—Thomas Hosmer
Into Africa: Natural Fire 10—Todd L. Johnston
Defense Freight Car Operations Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow —George Gounley
The Army Band Officer Lifecycle—Lieutenant Colonel Jim R. Keene
Making Training Development Processes More Efficient Through Lean Six Sigma—Donald D. Copley, Jr.
Spectrum 1
From the Swamp to the High Ground and Back —Dr. Christopher R. Paparone and George L. Topic
Advice to a New Sustainment Planner at the Brigade Command Post—Kenneth Long
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Headlines Dept
Index of Army Sustainment Articles—2010
WWW Army Sustainment