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Managing ARFORGEN Operations in a Modular Sustainment Brigade—Major Charlie Ward
The Role of Intelligence in Sustainment Operations—Lieutenant Colonel Heber S. Meeks, USAR, and Major Barton T. Brundige, USAR
Logistics Assistance Representatives Keep the Army Rolling Along—Charles W. Fick, Jr.
The Army Capabilities Integration Center: Building a Future Force—Command Sergeant Major Patrick J. Laidlaw
Improving Distribution of Organizational Equipment—Major T.J. Wright
PBUSE Incorporates Automatic Identification Technology—Jeannette J. Jones
and Jeff W. Davis

Easing the EPIC Search for Logistics Policy Information—Demetrius Glass
Commentary: Training Logisticians for the Current and Future Operational Environments—Major Jason J.F. Murphy
Parachute Rigging in Afghanistan—Chief Warrant Officer (W–3) Jeffery S. Page, USAR
Expanding Aerial Delivery Capability in Afghanistan—Chief Warrant Officer (W–4) Jimmy Taylor
International Security Assistance Force Logistics Operations in Afghanistan
—Colonel Shelia J-McClaney, Lieutenant-Colonel Jenny Newton, Canadian Forces, and Lieutenant Colonel Douglas A. LeVien
Defense Medical Logistics Balanced Scorecard—Lieutenant Colonel Greta L. Bennett
and Peter A. Battaglia
The Prosperity Plan: Implementing Soldier and Family Care—Chaplain (Major) Roy M. Myers
Campaign Planning for Logistics Organizations—Major Kevin M. Baird
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Index of Army Logistician and Army Sustainment Articles—2009
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