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Index of Army Logistician Articles—2007


Deployment and Distribution Command and Control
— LTG Robert T. Dail and LTC David E. Jones, p. 2.
Breaking Paradigms: CENTCOM DDOC’s Revolution in Deployment and Distribution
—CDR Eddie Montero, USN, p. 8.
Logistics Modernization Program: A Cornerstone of Army Transformation
—Kevin Carroll and COL David W. Coker, p. 11.
Standard Automotive Tool Set: More Than Just an Improved Common Set
— COL Paul R. Sparano, p. 12.
A Visual Tool for Mitigating Vulnerabilities—LTC Seth L. Sherwood, p. 18.
CSSAMO Experiences in Operation Iraqi Freedom—MAJ Jerome P. Brock, p. 20.
Instilling Innovation in Iraq—MAJ James J. McDonnell, p. 23.
Energy on Demand—Dr. Keith Aliberti and Thomas L. Bruen, p. 28.
Prediction and Cooperation—Dr. Keith Aliberti and Thomas L. Bruen, p. 34.
Implementing the Theater Medical Information Program During Operation Iraqi Freedom—LTC Mark L. Higdon, p. 39.
What to Pack: A Guide to Predeployment Equipment Planning
— CW2 Gregory W. Besaw, p. 42.
SIGTRAKS: Tracking Logistics Information—Gregory L. Alderete, p. 46.
Optimizing Logistics Through Operations Research—Dr. Delia J. Valles-Rosales
and MAJ Donovan O. Fuqua, p. 49.
LEDC Extreme Makeover—LTC Carey W. Radican, p. 52.


Distribution-Based Logistics in Operation Iraqi Freedom—COL C. Brandon Cholek and CW5 Matthew A. Anderson, Sr., p. 2.
Commentary—Logistics: Supply Based or Distribution Based?—Eric Peltz, p. 9.
Combat Logistics Patrol Methodology—MAJ Julian H. Bond, CAARNG, p. 12.
Army Reduces Tactical Supply System Footprint—Thomas H. Ament, Jr., p. 14.
Medical Logistics Interface Tab for FBCB2—CPT Cody R. Roberson, p. 16.
Midnight Run—CPT Michael J. Rainis, p. 19.
The Active Guard/Reserve Instructor Share Program—MAJ Paul Wakefield, p. 22.
The Changing Face of Fuel Management—MAJ Vincent C. Nwafor, p. 24.
Polymer Advances in the Interwar Period: The Impact of Science on World War II—MAJ Paul Wakefield, p. 30.
Resources for Convoy Battle Drills—CPT Christina A. Polosky, p. 33.
Resourcing the Force in the Midst of Complexity: The Need to Deflate the ‘ppb’ in PPBE—Dr. Christopher R. Papaprone, p. 40.


Where’s My MMC?—MG Mitchell H. Stevenson, p. 1.
Integrating Coalition Logistics at the Tactical Level: The Combined Joint Distribution Cell in Afghanistan—LTC Courtney Taylor and
CPT Leonard B. Della-Moretta III, p. 5.
CJTF-76 Tackles Reconstitution in the Harsh Afghan Environment
— SFC Michael J. Rautio, p. 10.
AMC Support to Reconstitution in Afghanistan—Wayne T. Seidler
and LTC Richard B. Dix, p. 14.

Logistics Task Force 548 in Iraq
‘Climbing to Glory’—Logistics Task Force 548 in Iraq
—CPT Amy B. Smith, USAR, p. 20.
Air Sustainment Operations at LSA Anaconda—1LT Brian J. Furber, p. 21.
Operating a Central Receiving and Shipping Point—1LT Bart S. Lajoie, p. 24.
LSA Anaconda’s Forward Redistribution Point
— 1LT Theodore C. Mataxis III, USAR, p. 29.
Mortuary Affairs Facility Improvements at LSA Anaconda
— 1LT Tracia Pichotta, USAR, and CPT DaVonne L. Bivins, p. 32.
Recovery Operations at LSA Anaconda—1LT Robert E. Klinger, NCARNG, p. 33.
Providing Clean Water to the Soldier—1LT Michael Ketcham, OHARNG, p. 36.
Supplying Ammunition at LSA Anaconda—1LT Tamera A. Greshik, USAR, p. 38.
Al Asad Air Base CRSP—1LT Robert D. Gunning, Jr., p. 40.
Spare Parts Recovery and Storage at Camp Taji—MAJ Shawn P. Ward, p. 41.
Modular Fuel System Improves Fuel Distribution—MAJ Leon O. Williams
and Arthur Jankowski, p. 44.


Introducing the Logistics Branch—Staff Feature, p. 1.
In Search of Logistics Visibility: Enabling Effective Decisionmaking
— LTG C.V. Christianson, p. 3.
The Acquisition, Logistics, and Technology Contracting NCO
— SGM Ethan A. Jones, p. 6.
Logistics Contracts: Tips for Maximizing an Awesome Capability—LTC Rebecca Freeze and Sari Berman, p. 9.
Stockage Determination Made Easy—Dr. Kenneth Girardini, Eric Peltz,
and CW5 Arthur W. Lackey, USA (Ret.), p. 12.
Closing the Loop on Property Accountability—CW2 Gregory A. Besaw, p. 16.
An Army Revolution in Military Logistics?
— Dr. David A. Anderson and MAJ Dale L. Farrand, p. 19.
Preparing for a Transition Team Assignment in Iraq—CPT Joshua B. Jordan, p. 24.
Commentary: Design for Six Sigma—SSG Michael P. Winkler, USAR, p. 27.
Battlefield Vision: Eyeglasses for the Soldier—CPT Joy A. Schmalzle, p. 28.
Tiedown for Safety and Mission Accomplishment
— COL Neal H. Bralley, USA (Ret.), p. 31.
Joint Asset Visibility: Why So Hard?—LTC James C. Bates, USA (Ret.), p. 36.
Applying Lean Principles to Design Effective Supply Chains
—MAJ David R. Gibson, p. 44.
Commentary: Increase Officer Retention—James T. Delisi, p. 49.
Enterprise Resource Planning: The Final (Automated Logistics) Frontier
— CW5 Antonio Ocasio, USA (Ret.), p. 50.


Thoughts for Sustainment Brigade Commanders: An Interview With the CASCOM Commanding General— p. 1.
Training Strategies for Sustainment Brigades and Echelons-Above-Brigade Logistics Units—COL Darrell Williams, MAJ Geoffrey DeTingo,
and Rae Lynn Michelle Graham, p. 3.
Building Iraqi Logistics—LTC William Schiek and CPT Phoebe Price, p. 6.
The 15th Sustainment Brigade in Iraq—COL Aundre F. Piggee, p. 10.
Building a FOB From the Ground Up
—CPT Jennifer L. Hughes and CPT Allison H. Jaslow, p. 13.
Tankers Without Tanks—CPT Ethan J. Diven, p. 16.
Distribution Is the Center of Gravity for Success—MAJ Aaron Hardy, Jr., p. 18.
Contracted Transportation—CPT George Plys, p. 20.
Army Logistics Contractors on Combat Logistics Patrols
—SFC Nicholas J. Conner, p. 21.
Fabricating to Save Soldiers’ Lives—MAJ Thomas J. Cunningham, p. 22.
Redesigned Personnel Service Support in the Field
—CPT Jean Anne P. Deakyne, p. 24.
Contingency Contracting and LOGCAP Support in MND­B, Iraq
— MAJ Walter Llamas, p. 28.
Multifunctional Logistics in a Corps Support Battalion
—MAJ Curtis L. Abendroth, NEARNG, and Captain Wayne R. Libbey, MAARNG, p. 30.
15th Brigade Troops Battalion: Support the Action—1LT Stephen J. Young, p. 33.
The Sustainment Brigade General Supply Office in Iraq
—MAJ Archie S. Herndon, Jr., p. 36.
Bullets in Baghdad: Ammunition Safety in a Combat Environment
—MAJ Levorn S. Collins, p. 38.
Medical Operations in the Sustainment Brigade—MAJ Bonnie H. Hartstein, p. 40.
The Top 10 Lessons I Relearned as a Sustainment Brigade Planner—MAJ Gabriella M. Pasek, p. 42.
Logistics Warriors—CSM Mark D. Joseph, p. 45.
Is There an Optimum Point for Refurbishing Army Vehicles?—1LT James B. Hamlett, p. 46.
An Automated Log for Managing FRAGOs—CPT Daniel A. Holland, p. 48.
Joint Asset Visibility: Who So Hard? Capturing Information—LTC James C. Bates, USA (Ret.), p. 51.


TLog: Preparing Logisticians for the Modular Force—MG Mitchell H. Stevenson, p. 1.
Using Central Receiving and Shipping Points to Manage Transportation
— LTC Michael D. Melendez, p. 3.
Munitions Sustainment in the Modular Force
—CW4 Dave Barron, USA (Ret.), and LTC Keith A. Beverly, USA (Ret.), p. 6.
Reorganizing a Sustainment Brigade Staff for the Fight—COL Gustave F. Perna and SSG Joshua Salmons, p. 10.
Modular Medical Logistics Support at the JRTC—COL Mitchell E. Brew
and CPT Shawn R. Campbell, p. 14.
The Diverse Missions of the Movement Control Team at Camp Cedar II—CPT Randall W. Newman, 1LT Paul A. Kahn, and 1LT Richard F. Rogers III, p. 16.
Commentary: Why BCS3 “Doesn’t Work”—MAJ Thomas E. Sachariason, p. 18.
Distributing the Army’s Medical Department Officers
—COL Larry S. Bolton, LTC R.G. Dickinson, and MAJ Vernon Wheeler, p. 20.
Doing More With Less: Special Forces Logistics in Afghanistan
—1LT Christopher G. Manganaro, p. 26.
What Deploying Units Need to Know About Contracting—MAJ Houston E. Baker, p. 31.
Streamlining Class VIII Management at Brigade Level—CPT Edwin H. Rodriguez, p. 34.
Army and Marine Joint Ammunition Operations—1LT Glen R. Dowling, p. 37.
Army and Marine GS/DS Class I Storage and Distribution Center
— 2LT Carlos E. Comas, p. 40.
Joint Asset Visibility: Why So Hard? Commercial Sector Information Technology Advancements—LTC James C. Bates, USA (Ret.), p. 42.
From Sutlers and Canteens to Exchanges—James T. Delisi, p. 46.
Commentary: COCOM, ADCON, OPCON, TACON, Support—Do You Know the Difference?—Dr. Christopher R. Paparone, p. 48.
Reachback Cell Creates Explosives Safety Repository—Keith A. Brailsford, p. 49.