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Log Notes
Life Cycle Management: Integrating Acquisition and Sustainment
—Lieutenant Colonel James O. Winbush, Jr., Christopher S. Rinaldi, and Antonia R. Giardina
Combat Health Support in the First Stryker Brigade
—Major Scot A. Doboszenski
Commentary: Sustainment Command and Casualty Capacity
—Colonel David L. Nolan, USA (Ret.)
Joint Medical Logistics in Kuwait—Colonel Paul R. Sparano
Feeding the Soldiers in Iraq—Captain Michael K. Pavek
SBCT Up-Armor Evolution—Captain Daniel P. Fresh
‘The Surge’—Staff Feature
An ‘Opportune Lift’ Showcases Joint Logistics Capabilities
—Jonathan D. Marcus
Transforming Joint Logistics Information Management
—Lieutenant Colonel James C. Bates, USA (Ret.)
The Brigade Combat Service Support Rehearsal
—Major Darren S. Holbrook
Relearning Lessons Learned—Colonel Glenn W. Walker
Commentary: Fostering Joint Logistics Interdependence
—Colonel Christopher R. Paparone
Combat Operations: The Logistics Convoy
—Captain Daniel T. Rossi
The Driving Force—Sergeant Jennifer D. Payne
Index of Army Logistician Articles—2004