Army Sustainment January-February 2016

Army G–4Leadership for expeditionary logistics

Leadership for Expeditionary Logistics

What makes a good leader? The Army G-4 offers his views on leadership and provides advice for new and potential commanders. Download this article.

FeaturesWhat makes a good leader?

What Makes a Good Leader?

Army leaders should make a daily commitment to do the right things, develop the right foundational leadership traits, and understand today's complex, expeditionary environment. Download this article.


Developing Leaders in the Army Civilian Corps

The Army has established programs to grow civilians into confident and high-functioning leaders. Download this article.


Sustaining a Decisive Edge Through Leader and Workforce Development

Through its Leader and Workforce Development Program, the Quartermaster School has implemented several leadership development measures, including a civilian professional development strategy. Download this article.

FeaturesGreat leaders know what's inside the box

Great Leaders Know What's Inside the Box

Doctrine provides the framework needed to create outside-the-box ideas by providing the knowledge that supports purposeful innovation. Download this article.

FeaturesWheelhouse Wednesday: Developing dynamic leaders by bridging the experience gap

Wheelhouse Wednesday: Developing Dynamic Leaders by Bridging the Experience Gap

The Transportation School develops its leaders by finding creative ways to follow the Army Leader Development Model. Download this article.


Insights From Training With the Transportation Industry

The Training With Industry program allowed one officer to gain a new perspective that will help her better frame operations in future assignments. Download this article.

OperationsRepairing fire suppression systems and batteries saves money and time

Repairing Fire Suppression Systems and Batteries Saves Money and Time

A maintenance company refills fire suppression system cylinders and charges vehicle batteries instead of replacing them. Download this article.

ToolsAdvanced shop sets for Soldiers' advanced skill sets

Advanced Shop Sets for Soldiers' Advanced Skill Sets

The metal working and machining shop set provides a full suite of tools for Soldiers trained to operate both welding and machining equipment. Download this article.

FocusMission command and leadership during sustainment operations

Mission Command and Leadership During Sustainment Operations

The complexities of command and support relationships, both at home station and during deployments, necessitate mission command. Download this article.

Features Leadership lessons from a former logistics general

Leadership Lessons From a Former Logistics General

Having been a logistics officer during the Korean and Vietnam Wars and through the 1970s, Lt. Gen. Arthur J. Gregg provides his insights on leadership and the changing field of logistics. Download this article.

CommentaryMaturing our leaders in the warrior ethos

Maturing Our Leaders in the Warrior Ethos

Logistics support for special operations forces requires the right people, flexibility, and creative thinking. Download this article.


Developing the Leaders of Tomorrow in Today's Schoolhouses

The Adjutant General School is modifying its curriculum to train human resources Soldiers to be more creative, flexible, and innovative. Download this article.

FeaturesBuilding leaders and readiness through the maintenance terrain walk

Building Leaders and Readiness Through the Maintenance Terrain Walk

The preparations units make to host maintenance terrain walks lead to lessons learned that improve overall unit readiness. Download this article.


Warfighting Functions and the Dependability of Knowledge

A central precept of military doctrine is the recognition that uncertainty is a fundamental characteristic of military operations. Nonetheless, we have an understandable but dangerous propensity to assume predictable and quantifiable aspects of military science. Download this article.

CommentarySustainment in an Anti-Access/Area-Denial Environment

Sustainment in an Anti-Access/Area-Denial Environment

The sustainment enterprise needs to significantly change both its structures and how it operates to effectively support the joint force in an anti-access/area-denial environment. Download this article.

Training & EducationMaintaining momentum through refuel on the move

Maintaining Momentum Through Refuel on the Move

The 1st Armored Division provides lessons learned from conducting refuel on the move operations for the first time since Operation Desert Storm. Download this article.

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January-February 2016

Army Sustainment January-February 2016

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This issue’s cover comprises the faces of sustainment Soldiers and civilians from across the Army. It represents the vast array of individuals serving in a variety of leadership positions in today’s sustainment units. (Cover design by Adam Gramarossa and Fred W. Baker III)

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